Submitting Data to CV RDC and Ultimately to CEDEN

Getting your data into CEDEN is a two phase process. The first phase involves working with a Regional Data Center, like the CV RDC, to make sure your data are in the proper format for CEDEN. The second phase involves giving the CV RDC permission to export your data to CEDEN. The CV RDC maintains a large database which is a subset of the data in CEDEN. The CV RDC will work with you to ensure that the format of your data and naming conventions follow the rules required to export your data to CEDEN. Once you make all the necessary edits to become CEDEN comparable your data can be exported to CEDEN and displayed on the CEDEN webpage. The following six steps are used as guidance for submitting data to the CV RDC and ultimately to CEDEN:

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    Step One

    Review Required Data Elements

    As a data generator you should review the CEDEN templates and documentation specific for your data types and ensure that you have information for all required data elements.

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    Step Two

    Determine Comparability and Register Project

    Review the CV RDC LookUp lists and work with the CV RDC to add additional project specific codes to ensure comparability of data with CEDEN standards.

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    Step Three

    Enter Data into Appropriate Template

    Populate the appropriate data template for your project’s data. Data entry manuals are available for guidance and additional explanation.

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    Step Four

    Verify Data are Correct and Comparable

    Verify that your data are correct and that all controlled vocabulary needed for your project is in the CV RDC database.

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    Step Five

    Submit Data to the CV RDC

    Submit data online through the CV RDC online data checker or contact the CV RDC for other options to submit data.

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    Step Six

    Confirm Data are Ready to be Exported to CEDEN

    The CV RDC will contact the data provider with a summary of the data submitted to the CV RDC. The data generator will confirm whether or not the data should be exported to CEDEN.

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