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This is not your father’s crop

Crop ETc provides easy regulatory compliance for smart farming—it’s compliance made easy.

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Master INMP

Get an annual Crop ET number for your INMP summary report. Survive SGMA and optimize irrigation with real-time Crop ET data.

Grow smarter

For only pennies a day, Crop ETc is an affordable tool that also helps you reduce your water and nitrogen loss without reducing yield.

Grower Guide How to Use Crop ETc MLJ Environmental software that simplifies compliance

Grower Guide: How to use Crop ET to plan irrigation

By Michael Johnson, PhD

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Crop ETc gives you daily Crop ET data for all your parcels using the most current standards for 200+ California crops.

Look back, see forward

Use historical Crop ET and historical weather data to forecast needs for any stage of the upcoming season.

No hardware required

Crop ETc combines CIMIS station data, crop insights and historical weather data.

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Turning science into solutions

MLJ Environmental protects the prosperity of our communities and their natural resources by simplifying environmental compliance with practical technology.