IN Plan Logo simplifies nitrogen accounting

Nursery nitrogen comes into focus

InPlan is the easiest and most accurate way for nurseries to measure and report total nitrogen applied. 

InPlan simplifies nitrogen accounting

Easy nitrogen compliance

InPlan simplifies nitrogen accounting with one-click reporting for California nurseries.

Inventory and nitrogen together

Track your plant inventory and nitrogen applications together, from receipt to sale no matter how many times you replant.

Personalized service

When you subscribe to InPlan, you get personalized service to link your current inventory data with InPlan.

Nursery Nitrogen Reporting Guidelines MLJ Environmental software that simplifies compliance InPlan simplifies nitrogen accounting

Nursery nitrogen reporting guidelines

By Michael Johnson, PhD

Track by plant and pot size

For nurseries, smart nitrogen reporting using your specific plants and pot sizes across your total acreage to accurately report your nitrogen application.

Report only nitrogen released

With time-release fertilizers InPlan calculates only Nitrogen released up to report day, converting your total fertilizer applied to pounds nitrogen for simple, accurate reporting.

See how you compare​

Anonymously compare your nitrogen use to other nurseries to know if you’re a potential outlier long before regulators become aware.​

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